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Best Stay Hotel Pangkor

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Editor Review

There are galaxies of hotels in Malaysia; however the BestStay Hotel Pangkor Island takes the cake because it is located strategically near the Old Dutch which sheds important light on the colonial past of the country. Impressive rooms with top of the lime comforts have satisfied the requirements of the prospective customers to a great extent. Tourists who are constrained by budgets generally look forward to staying in the best stay hotel to relish the quality comforts at affordable price.

With an impressive array of safety deposit boxes, security of the valuables is assured providing a wonderful opportunity to the people to enjoy their trip in a hassle free manner.  There is a huge expanse of sand near the sea which has been converted into amazing beach providing best alternative to the guests. The landscape is regarded as breath taking by majority of the visitors who are mesmerized due to the presence of large number of small islands in the vicinity.

A stupendous hotel lobby with bright colored walls tends to make the atmosphere serene and amazing for the tourists who immediately fall in love with extremely efficient services. Deluxe family rooms are very famous due to the intricate architecture and presence of various amenities which transform them into living paradises of pleasure.

A hair dryer and shower with awesome design enables the guests to relax and watch television with innovative programs.  Kids under 2 years of age do not need to avail extra bed, thereby reducing the expenditure of the parents.  Business travelers are delighted to find the wireless connectivity which is essential for them to connect to the internet depending on the requirements and specifications. Although the price is in the vicinity of about US$50 but they are easily available at a cost effective rent of US$20. It is a wonderful deal saving tons of money for the guests and helps them to accomplish the tasks in an easy and hassle free manner.

The hotel exterior is plush and offers an astonishing view of the structure which attracts large number of tourists into its fold. Travelers can order king size bed for themselves depending on the number of tourists arriving at the place.  Bathroom is equipped with perfume and fragrances making the environment fresh and refreshing for the arriving tourists in an impeccable manner.  Tours involving trekking and canoeing will enthrall the adventure enthusiasts who look forward to visit the pangkor islands in huge numbers.