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Best Western Marina Island Resort Pangkor

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The marina island resort is a world famous hotel which spreads across more than 400 acres in an impressive style and is located in the Pangkor Island which is a tourist hotspot. It is laden with modern amenities captivating the imagination of people because of the presence of world class sauna and massage facilities inside the resort. Overlooking the straits of Malacca, the hotel offers water sports activities to the tourists who are bedazzled by the varieties of marine and wild life at their disposal.

The pangkor islands are renowned for picturesque beaches and landmarks thronged by the visitors all the year around. Equipped with more than 150 rooms, the resort is regarded as haven for arriving tourists.  There are different categories of dwelling units offered to the customers and depend on their requirements and specifications. People can access the private beach of the resort which guarantees peace and tranquility allowing people to take rest in absolute comfort and luxury.  Marina resort has been reckoned as one of the best places to stay due to the state of the art technology and wonderful architecture imbibing a touch of tradition as well as class.

Water sport is an added attraction for tourists who are amazed by the innumerable options available to the users. There are different versions available to the tourists who can select based on their desires and preferences. A bedroom suite with balcony terrace is an eye opener because it is built with marble tiles and imparts a touch of class and ambience to the surrounding environment.  Apart from above amenities, people can also enjoy the pool side barbecue and relish the taste of food items in an impeccable manner.

Spectacular reception hall creates an instant impression on the people because they are flabbergasted by the grandeur available. Boating is a favorite activity for the users because they can have a sneak preview of the ambience which will create an instant impression. Majority of the tourists use the online mode to book the resort rooms because it is extremely difficult to locate the one upon arrival. There have been many instances where tourists had to incur huge expenditure because they arrived without prior booking.

Convention hall is a very important attribute because it allows the companies and individuals to host meetings. It is quite spacious and enables the guests to accommodate large number of people. Staying at the marina beach resort can be a life time experience for the travelers.