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Editor Review

Billed as one of the best hotels in the lower price range, the Budget Beach Resort is being booked by travelers who want the best value for their money while they are on a trip to Pangkor islans. Various facets of the tourism in the area has helped in its development and enabled the beach resort to occupy a prominent place in the psyche of visitors. They are impressed by the design and services offered by the restaurants located in the confines of the hotel.

Foodies often look for the local flavor when they arrive at a particular place and they are not disappointed by the performance of resort. Multi cultural aspects of the beach resort has been an effective crow puller in recent times enticing travelers from all walks of life in an impeccable style. Tourists arriving in the island can easily rent and car and avail the parking facilities offered by the hotel authorities. It is one of the best features of the hotel because it helps in making the trip a hassle free affair for the users.

An exquisitely giant villa can be rented by the travelers to enjoy the mystique surroundings in an impeccable style and offers exemplary benefits to the users. While sitting on the comfortable chair, people can watch some of the rare birds in the natural surroundings of the Pangkor Island.

Due to the multi cultural aspect of the area, one can find the Chinese temple which is located in the vicinity of the hotel and offers a sneak preview into the lifestyle of the country. Dotted with stones, it is a historical structure and quite famous among large number of people.  Family room is endowed with 3 comfortable beds providing huge comfort at rock bottom prices to the users. They can also access the nearby beach area renowned for offering boat ride to the visitors.

One of the biggest sources of entertainments at the resort is the hornbill show which is very popular among large number of visitors who are overawed by the appearance of the bird. Tours to the neighboring island is organized by the hotel authorities and is tailor made according to the requirements and the specifications of the users. The walk away is a treat for the visitors mesmerizing them by its fabulous and unique design.  Family can book larger rooms because they offer sufficient space to accommodate large number of people.