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Coral Bay Resort Pangkor

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Considered to be an indispensable part of the tourist landscape, the Coral Bay Resort Pangkor is located in the environment of tranquility in the Pangkor islands of Malaysia and has been providing valuable contribution in the field of comfort. It is a behemoth with about 135 rooms and attracts the attention the attention of the visitors looking for accommodation in the island. There are varieties of towns like jetty situated near to the hotel and offering amazing attractions for the tourists in an impeccable manner.

Presence of the white sands on the huge beaches in the vicinity creates an instant impression on the guests who are amazed by the glittering effect they exude under a clear moon light night. Apart from the rooms, the coral bay resort has wonderful apartments which are regarded as epitomes of beauty and excellence. A private beach in the remote corner of the islands is a magic wand for the people, mesmerizing them with spectacular ambience in an amazing style.

Airport transfer is an integral part of the amenities offered to the users so that they do not face any hassles upon their arrival. Concierge of the resort is very friendly and helps the tourists in variety of ways. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in motorized waters sports activities offered by the hotels and will go a long way in making the vacation worthwhile.

A beautifully designed spa with medical benefits exists in the resort and could be a welcome relief for the users who can relax after the grueling water sports adventure. The island is known to offer a maiden opportunity to indulge in trekking and exploring the hidden natural treasures in the surrounding landscape. Massage facilities are new avenues of relaxation that would go a long way in offering awesome alternatives to the people so that they are able to avail the services of experts to get much needed rejuvenation of energy.

An outdoor swimming pool is ideal for hosting the pool parties which are increasingly becoming famous in recent times among large number of visitors. Multi cuisine restaurant with authentic Malay food introduces people to the culture and tradition of the country.  People can relish the contemporary design of the hotel and the luxurious amenities of the room offered to them at much lower prices.  Guest room is equipped with king size bed and a wall mounted LCD television enabling people to relax and watch the in house movies broadcasted by the local cable operator.