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Editor Review

It is a newly constructed property with a single star rating in the pangkor islands and quite famous among large number of users. The GM holiday hotel is located at the centre of the island and is significant because of its easy accessibility to the major places of attractions. A well designed family room with modern benefits could go a long way in providing awesome performance to the users.  The internet connection is available to the users so that they could connect with their friends and family members.

Famous beach of Teluk batik is located in the vicinity and offers a panoramic view of the city in an easy and hassle free manner. Presence of the Lumut Jetty is an added bonus for the people because it offers a sneak preview of the marine life located in the region. A well decorated lounge with sofas in vibrant colors has provided amazing options to the tourists. They are awestruck by the level of comfort and luxury available to them by the hotel authorities and engage in different types of sports activities which include golf. Lush green grass and peace provide unique opportunity to the users to improve the quality of the game.

Guests can order king size bed depending on the number of family members travelling. Although the hotel is new, its popularity has increased manifold. Sheer delight of the users is manifested in the fact that quality of the luxury is impressive and will go a long way in making the guest feel comfortable upon their arrival. Clean bed covers and fabulous design of the interiors transform the hotel into a wonderful abode for the travelers to enjoy their vacation. Upon arrival, the hotel offers different tour packages to the nearby areas and introduces them to the history of the island. Strong current in the waves hitting the shores with impeccable force is a wonderful sight for the people are attracted to the natural landscape.

Lobby and the reception is built in a grand and spectacular style providing much needed relaxation and enjoyment to the people away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities. The dawn of internet has helped people to perform the task of hotel reservation on internet and the GM hotel is no exception. It is quite difficult to book the rooms; therefore the process must be accomplished at the earliest. Tourists would be able to enjoy the moment in a spectacular style and visit places of repute.