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Editor Review

Many tourists have written rave reviews about the Pangkor Laut Resort located in Malaysia which is regarded as an award winning enterprise due to the awesome range of amenities available to the users. The island of Malaysia which houses the resort is largely uninhabited providing a natural thick forest cover to the tourists, away from the pollution and the hustle and bustle of the cities. Some of the major villas are provided to the prospective customers at reduced costs but royal comforts which are known for their versatility and luxury. A spacious and huge garden villa is the top priority for the user standing tall against the natural ambience and equipped with modern facilities to offer efficient services in great style.

An ironing board is available to the guest who can also access the laundry services at no extra cost. Air conditioners along with a superbly crafted bath tub have got the top billing from the visitors who are astounded by their performance. Sources of entertainments are varied with the presence of television providing a much needed breather after the exhaustive jungle trip.  Usage of desk and other accessories like the hair dryers are indispensable for the guests who can explore the natural surroundings in an easy and efficient manner. Some of the in house movies offered by the resort authorities offer a sneak preview into the different genres of Hollywood and keep the tourists busy upon their arrival.

The spa villa is a great place to stay because it consists of facilities providing divine relaxation to the users.  Sailing through the river by a boat called Chinese junk could be an amazing experience because of the serene blue water and visually enriching landscape. It has been the one of the highlights of the trip to Pangkor islands.  After a long day, one can easily walk in to any of the posh bar lounges of the resort and savor drinks of highest quality. There are famous brands of whiskies and wines captivating the imagination of people.

People who cannot venture outside might prefer to spend their time dozing off at the large outdoor pool which is created in an elegant manner. There are various updates regarding the resort which have been made available to the users. According to the latest news, office has been shifted to the Marina islands due to logistical reasons. After reaching the intended place, boats are used to ferry to the amazing place that makes the trip memorable for the users. Extra charges are incurred by the tourists and are exclusive of the room rents.