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Evolution of the Pangkor Puteri Resort in the Pangkor Island has been a major event because it provides people an ideal abode for resting and visit different places of attractions located in the vicinity. Touted as one of the most important 3 star hotels in Malaysia, the puteri resort offers 2 bedroom apartments fitted with modern amenities and offer the best results to the users. A wonderful kitchen laden with granite tops welcomes the tourists who can cook food as per their requirements and specifications.

Situated near the straits of Malacca, the resort provides an amazing view of the adjoining sea and offers an exciting boat ride to the tourists who are flabbergasted by the choices present.  An efficient laundry services could help the guests to wash and iron the clothes so that they are able to attend the functions and go for sightseeing while on vacation.  Puteri resort has arrays of swimming pools where people relax after hectic day which might be energy sapping due to the activities like trekking and snorkeling. Some of the water sports adventures enthrall users to a great extent because they are introduced to the secrets of the water world in an impeccable manner.

Tours organized by the concierge offers the luxury trip using the banana boats which are indispensable for sailing through the water body. They help the people to visit different islands located nearby and provide comprehensive information about the natural landscape. People who love thrill and speed might try their hands on the Jet Ski which offers unparalleled and amazing performance, but the visitors should be an expert. A novice must start with slow speed and then increase it to a certain level in an easy and hassle free manner. Expert trainers are provided by the users to ensure that they enjoy the water sports activities.

The resort provides the luxury of barbecue to the people who can organize it at their leisure and interact with family and friends. The apartment is equipped with a fabulous terrace and air conditioners designed to regulate the temperature of the room.  A kitchen with modern electronic devices would go a long way in preparing the food and has been providing valuable contribution in satiating the appetite of the foodies.

Balcony offers a comprehensive preview of the surrounding ambience to the guests who cherish the stay for a very long time because of the presence of major tourist attractions.  Apartment rooms are available to the users at a huge discount of more than 50%.