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Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort

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Editor Review

The sandy beach resort situated in the central part of the pangkor islands would go a long way in offering desired results to the users because they are overawed by the diversity of rooms available for booking. Located in the picturesque ambience of the island in Malaysia, the sandy beach resort is an important hub for the travelers to arrive and access the bicycle renting services to visit places of attractions in the region. There are innumerable distractions for the users which keep them busy while they are on a vocational trip to Malaysia. For family it’s a double bonanza because parents can enjoy the moment with their kids in a hassle free manner.

The environment is unique against the background the sea and a beautiful private beach provides important means of recreation to the tourists. Couples who are on a romantic vacation could enjoy the environment in an amazing style and soak in the luxury of the resort.  The stylish Jacuzzi coupled with a jaw dropping swimming pool could enhance the pleasure quotient by many notches and provide the best performance to the arriving guests. Lobby is supplied with giant sofas which are quite luxurious and quite popular among large number of users in an impeccable manner.

The restaurant supplying sea food is quite famous because it is replete with food items which form an important part of the menu and provide the best results to the users in an impeccable manner.  A buffet event alongside the sea could be an ideal proposition for the guests who are organizing parties or events to celebrate the occasion.  One of the best forms of water sports activities in Pangkor islands is snorkeling which is dangerous as well as enthralling. People are astounded by the amount of marine life available in the area and which to explore it in the best possible manner. Trainers are offered to the beginners because it can be life threatening if the people are not skilled.

The protective gear is offered by the resort authorities to the tourists so that they could take breath taking photographs of the huge fishes under water.  Beach volleyball facilities are also on offer allowing people to have fun and do exercises in the natural environment. Tropical forest on the islands could be ideal for indulging in trekking and the mountaineering activities. Tours conducted by the hotel helps to unravel the mysteries surrounding the area.