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Dubbed as the 3 star resorts, the Puteri bayu beach is the tourists delight because it is loaded with modern comforts available. There are more than 80 rooms in the hotel spanning across the 7 acres of property in a majestic style. Accompanying splendor is evident in the world famous architecture and is complemented by the distinctively styled chalets appealing to large number of the vacationers. One of the most famous villas is the one which is situated close to a beautiful garden and offers exemplary view of the surroundings.

Resort is located in the dense tropical landscape and provides a unique retreat to the cool environment. It is close to the most prominent beaches of the area and the rooms are created with Mediterranean themes which is reflective of the climate present in the area. Most of the rooms are already self sufficient with the flat television and Astro channels beaming large number of programs to the users.  The Puteri Bayu Beach Resort is blessed with a wonderful façade which is colorful and entices users in large numbers.  Banana boat ride is offered by the hotel to the ever eager users who can wade through the seas and enjoy the ride in a wonderful manner. Outdoor pool and the safety boxes ensure that the tourists are able to relax and enjoy the security without any hiccups.

Family with kids can have a wonderful time at the pool reserved specially for children. They can swim and enjoy different games in an amazing style. A wonderful lobby with comfortable chairs is an amazing option to the users. Open terrace dining is a major attraction and enables the guests to try different cuisines against the perfect settings of the moon light night. The bayu coffee house is home to different types of beverages which are provided to the users at significantly lower rates. Puteri family suite is booked by many people who enjoy the different amenities and benefits in an impeccable style.

Some of the other attractions include air conditioner and hair dryer. The hot and cold shower is available to the visitors so that they can enjoy their stay during summer as well as winter seasons.  Tourists are also offered wonderful opportunity to indulge in shopping of different products manifesting local culture and traditions.  Tours to the adjoin areas and the beaches could be a huge source of distraction for the visitors who are in awe of the place. The forest is an ideal place to locate different species of plants and reptiles in the area.