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Located in the Pangkor Island near the Malacca strait of Malaysia, the Swiss garden resort is known for its superbly lush surroundings and awesome ambience captivating the imagination of people in an impeccable manner. Marked by the tropical rainforest, the hotel offers 24 hrs services which is excellent and would go a long way in making the trip comfortable for the users. It is situated near to a very prominent tourist attraction called the Lumet town which has been enticing users from different parts of the world due to whirl of opportunities it provides to them.

The restaurants in the adjoining area serve popular cuisines to the foodies who enjoy the time of their life by ordering the choicest food depending on their requirements and specifications. Fabulous rooms equipped with modern amenities are very popular among the tourists arriving at the hotel and booking the rooms. An exquisitely build coffee shop is a refreshing change for the people who can enjoy their early morning beverage in extreme luxury and amazing hospitality. It is a very important place overlooking the straits of Malacca and is accompanied by the Cabanas which offer tremendous opportunities for relaxation to the users in a perfect style. A good quality elevator offers huge impetus to the services because the resort comprises of many rooms situated across different floors.

Huge sprawling golf course spread across more than 300 acres is the hallmark of the resort because it offers unique opportunity to the people so that they could relax and enjoy watching the game played out by the professionals. Apart from the amenities, people can undertake expedition of the surrounding areas and explore the diverse range of animals and plants found in the area.

Damai ballroom is very famous because it is increasingly used by the guest to organize huge functions and events which are attended by large number of users. Resort has a private swimming people in natural surroundings and offers unique opportunity to enjoy the warm water during winter season and enjoy the sun.

Newly married couples can book the honeymoon suite since it is well designed and comprises of posh furniture with amazing ceiling. The adjoining balcony providing an impeccable sea view has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the users who can spend the time together with their spouses. Rooms are renowned for their poolside bar creating a positive impact on the minds of the luxury travelers. It will go a long way in providing awesome performance to the tourists.