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The Island Hotel

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Editor Review

The aura of island hotel located in the cozy confines of the Pangkor Island Malaysia transforms it into a center of attraction for majority of people. Tourists arriving at the place continue to book tickets in large numbers because of the luxury and high standards of comfort showering people with maze of facilities. A judicious mix of cold and hot water will help the visitors to enjoy the moment in an impeccable style and relax after the hectic day of sightseeing. The hotel has a huge LCD television which provides plethora of programs to the viewers who can chose them according to their desires and preferences.

Due to the presence of water body and the tropical forest, people can indulge in water sports activities like snorkeling offering a sneak preview of the exotic marine animals buried under the huge depth of the sea. Similarly, canoeing is one of the favorite sports in which the people indulge and experience the thrill without any hiccups. There are slew of islands in the area that are quite popular and offer various modes of entertainment in the form of flora and fauna to the users. Presence of natural vegetation could be a blessing in disguise because tourists interested in trekking could wade through the dense forest to locate rare species of reptiles and birds.

The continental cuisine would help the foodies to select the best option that are available in the form of fishes and other marine animals like prawns or crabs. The reception area is designed in a majestic style leading up to the rooms equipped with huge and spacious bathrooms providing an overview of the secluded beach located nearby. The prospect of the sun rise and the sun set against the back drop of the Malacca strait opens new vistas of opportunities because they can enjoy the ambience in an impeccable style. Guest room consists of queen size bed and offers amazing opportunity for the users to rest and relax in comfortable surroundings.

The hotel organizes trip to the jungles and other attractions which are nearby and have historical relevance for Malaysia. People can use the parking facilities available to them by the hotel and enjoy the climate control of guest rooms which are built keeping contemporary architecture in mind. Resort comprises of 3 bed room apartments which are complemented with satellite television providing innumerable movies to the users who watch them with great intent and enthusiasm. A discount of more than 50% is on offer, enabling users to reduce the overall cost.