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The Orient Star Resort Lumut

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Editor Review

Impact of the Orient Star Resort Lumut is far reaching on the tourism industry of Malaysia because it is an epitome of excellence and amazing customer service. Armed with a Bistro café, the hotel has galaxy of options for the users who arrive at the Lumut Island to enhance their experience in perfect style. The town is a symbol of peace and tranquility and offers amazing view of the river which is located nearby. Serene Surroundings and the beautiful forests tend to provide impeccable benefits to the users and would go a long way in offering the best results.

Regarded as the source of luxury the oriental star resort has a huge shower in each of the rooms which is designed in contemporary style and attracts the attention of people in an impeccable manner.  The Lumut town is situated near to the Pangkor islands and quite famous among the tourists who are in awe of the natural ambience. Some of the historical monuments are constructed in the town and provide sneak preview into the history of the remote fishing village.  The blue sea of Malacca is located near the resort and offers comprehensive view of the horizon which would go a long way capturing the imagination of people.  A private valley ball court welcomes the users wherein they can indulge in games with their friends and enjoy the fresh breeze blowing from the sea.

Tiara coffee house offers early morning breakfast to the users who can select the best brands of beverage available.  The pool side dinner lounge offer endless vistas of pleasure for the people who want to organize outdoor parties in the resort. Online reservation throws up new possibilities in the form of rooms which are well decorated and designed to accommodate large number of guests. They are constructed in an efficient manner and well spaced out to ensure that people are able to relax in cozy environment without any issues. As a part of the tour package, the resort makes it imperative for the users to undertake excursions to the far flung islands and locate rare species of birds along with the animals.

Many professional photographers come from different countries to capture memorable snaps of the areas.  Jungle trekking is a favorite past time of the tourists who are stunned by the surrounding brilliance and they can also avail the gym facilities comprising of high tech equipments to tone up their body. Other attractions include the ballroom for hosting different types of functions and events.