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Uptown Beach Resort Pangkor

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Editor Review

A unique design followed by the strategic location at the legendary Pantai Pasir Bogak beach in the central of the Pangkor islands, has catapulted the Uptown Beach Resort into the big league because it provides unparalleled fun and entertainment to the users. Diverse rooms and special amenities are crucial to attract visitors into its fold in huge numbers. Chalets and other rooms in the vicinity are furnished as per the desires and the preferences of the guest who can book the rooms offering impeccable view of the garden and other aspects of the natural landscape.

Presence of the Pacific Ocean is a new experience for the visitors who are amazed and enthralled by the clear blue water and host of marine animals in their natural habitat.  Buffet facility inside the hotel is a manifestation of the fact that people can hold various functions and event by ordering attractive cuisine from the local restaurant. A tastefully designed pond situated in the center of the hotel is a wonderful attraction for the people because of the innovative architecture.  Reception area is created in an impeccable style with granite stones present in vibrant colors. Friendly staff and customer care ensures that people are able to enjoy the time in an easy and hassle free manner.

Influence of the water sports activities cannot be understated in the Pagkor Island because it is an essential part of the attraction. Snorkeling, regarded as an attractive option by majority of tourists is available to them and offers comprehensive information about the marine life in an impeccable manner.  An array of 98 rooms ensures that people can book them prior to their arrival in the island. There has been a huge upsurge in the tourist traffic in recent times because of the added feature of the motorized water sports like jet skiing. People can indulge in the ensuing speed which is bound to enthrall them for a very long time.

Photographers are delighted to capture the snaps of rare flora and fauns which are rarely visible in other parts of the world. The rooms have amazing furniture in different colors and stand in perfect harmony with surrounding environment. Online websites indicate that users have awarded higher ratings to the hotel due to its impeccable performance in terms of customer service and the huge discount it offer to the customers on advance reservation. Staying at the Uptown Beach Resort could be a very important decision for the users who relish the natural and cozy environment