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It is the centerpiece of tourism industry in the Pangkor Islands of Malaysia because many people tend to visit the place and stay there for longer period of time. The standard double hill is a wonderful room spread across more than 40 square meters and offering multiple options to the users. The batik resort is placed near to the most important attractions of pangkor islands and would go a long way in offering impeccable results to the users.

The living area of the bedroom is equipped with plush upholsteries and curtains which create majestic impression on the users. Satellite cable and the high definition television offers unprecedented clarity to the users who can view programs while relaxing. The meeting room comprises of furniture in black colors exuding an amazing aura and would go a long way in conducting conferences in relative peace and tranquility. Some of the rooms are adorned with double or king size beds to accommodate a large family.

Visit to the island and the beaches are the major attractions for the tourists who fall in love with the place once they arrive.  Swimming pool of the hotel is signified by a unique design and designed in unique colors to entice people in huge numbers. The in house restaurant has a simplistic design but offers choicest of food items to the users who are impressed by the cuisine.

Other facilities are complemented with the valet parking offering awesome alternatives to the users who can be assured about the safety of their vehicles. Elevator with special arrangements is offered to the people so that they can move their luggage through different floors. A picturesque garden greets the people who can enjoy the view from the rooms and relish the Jacuzzi in an impeccable style. Business center situated in the heart of the resort provides immense leverage to the guests who can conduct the business transaction without any issues.

The tour packages offered to the guests are amazing and customized according to the numbers of places that would be visited. People can undertake the canoeing which is a very popular sport in the island and enable the users to enjoy the awesome ambience of the mountains and dense forests. The beaches with golden sand and clear sky impart astounding appearance to the environments provides a perfect romantic setting to the trip. Newly married couples can enjoy the seclusion and peaceful atmosphere of the island while enjoying the luxury of the hotel.