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Editor Review

Designed as a huge horizontal structure with 35 rooms, the DJ Holiday Resort has been    establishing benchmarks of excellence in recent times due to the impeccable services and the availability of the range of services under one roof. The versatility of the rooms has created multiple options for the users who are quite amazed by the benefits and comforts provided by hotel authorities. Located in one of the busiest hubs of pangkor islands Malaysia, the resort is support by a dazzling array of rooms that attract people in huge numbers.

Sporting facilities form an integral component of the resort which is bound to captivate the imagination of the arriving travelers. There are different types of equipments designed to tone up the muscles of specific parts of the body in a climate controlled environment. Apart from above, the comfortable resort is known for providing apartment suite with attached kitchen and a bathroom, enabling the guests to live in great style.  All rooms are equipped with carpets resembling the oriental design and architecture.  A glittering outdoor swimming pool is a big plus for the tourists because they can enjoy the sun while taking rest inside the premises of the hotel.

The DJ holiday resort offers has a living room inside the apartment with cutting edge technology devices like television and hair dryer. The kitchen is endowed with cooking devices like micro wave enabling the users to prepare dishes in an impeccable manner. Kids over 2 years of age would need extra bed leading to additional charges.  The executive floor is reserved for the business travelers who can still be in contact with their colleagues through the use of wireless internet connection offered by the users.

Resort is accompanied by a garden offering a sneak preview of the environment and magnificent sea captivating the imagination of people to a great extent. Meeting facilities are sure shot way to increase the occupancy because many companies host their conferences for employees enabling them to offer great trip and vacation to pangkor islands while they work at leisure.

World class amenities like family rooms are wonderful substitutes for the tourists because they can easily provide accommodation to more than five people and offer them comfort at reduced rates. Availability of the newspaper ensures that guests are able to obtain comprehensive information about the daily news updates.  Water sports enthusiasts could travel to the local beach to indulge in scuba diving or snorkeling so that they get introduced to plethora of marine animals.