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About Pangkor Island

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It is one of the famous tourist destinations in the country of Malaysia offering amazing attractions to the users who are impressed by the rich diversity of the place.  The Pangkor has impressive array of monuments creating an everlasting impression on the arriving guests. Fishing villages located on the eastern coats of the island offers a detailed overview of the marine life in the region. Tradition and the culture signify the importance of the fishing villages which depict the local lifestyle in an exemplary manner. The fishermen catch the fishes from the sea and prepare delicious meal with their families and friends.  There are many historical sites which are very famous with the people from, all over the world. Foo ling Kong temple is one of the major destinations in the island.  It is supplemented with the Chinese zodiac signs and is located on the foothills of the Pangkor hills.  Surrounded by the pond comprising of different types of turtles makes the temple a must place to visit by the tourists.

Indian population tends to flock to the kali Amman temple located in the Sungai Penang village and is regarded as one of the largest shrines of prominent deity.  The statue of goddess kali faces the majestic sea and created a splendid view.  Similar shrine is also located in the Penang Island which is a wonderful destination for the tourists.  Staircase of the temple leads the devotees to the sea where they wash themselves to enter the premises of the legendary temple.

The colonial era of the island is depicted by the stupendous Dutch fort which is called Kampong Teluk Gedung in local language. It was constructed in the later part of the 17 the century and acted as a perfect defense against the pirates which continue to attack with impunity in those times. The fort is situated near to a very prominent hotel of the area called Tiger Rock.

Apart from the above historical monuments, there are many tombs of the famous people who lie buried in their graves. Names of Saint Patrick and other note able personalities have been engraved on the tombs. Natural ambience of the Pangkor Island ensures that people are able to enjoy trekking and other activities in an amazing manner.  Many species of the hornbills and other birds could be seen in the island which is also filled with road markers to help the people moving through the thick forest.  Teluk segadas is also used a starting point for trekking further deep into the forest but it requires guidance from experienced personnel so that tourists are able to reach destination in an easy and hassle free way.

Pangkor suspension bridge has been a unique attraction for people, however it requires maintenance. It is an enthralling experience to cross the bridge because many tourists are afraid to accomplish the task. People must exercise caution and should not run over the bridge since it might cause accidents. Snorkeling is a favorite past time for the people looking to indulge in water sports adventure activities. Diving equipments could be rented from the hotel authorities and enable the users to swim alongside exotic marine animals attracting people. Using motorcycle to explore the natural landscape and hard terrains could be an ideal solution for the people because the vehicles and comfortable enabling people to easily move from one place to another.  Cycling is another alternative helping the tourists to visit important places and obtain comprehensive information. They can view the huge monitor lizard and other animals in their natural habitat which tends to provide astonishing experience to the users.  There are smaller forms of komodo dragons available in the forest and very popular among the arriving travelers.  Some travelers prefer to undertake an expedition through the boat because it provides detailed information about the land as well as water vegetation. Pulau mentangor is the place in the island offering a boat ride through the water bodies connecting different islands together. Coral bay beach is thronged by the visitors because it is quite spacious and free from pollutants.

Another water sports activity in the region is canoeing because it plays an important role in making the trip memorable for the people.  The beach of teluk Nipah is inundated with the sports enthusiasts because they can rent the canoes at reduced prices and move around the island. There are numerous cultural functions and events that are regularly held in the island and vividly capture the imagination of people in an impeccable manner. Eating out the food stalls in the Pangkor Island can be a unique experience for the users who can choose to dine on the authentic cuisine in a great style.

Various festivals like the Chinese New Year are celebrated in great style by majority of people. On this day different shopping centers offer steep discount to their customers. Natives wear colorful clothes and meet each other with great pomp and show. Ching Ming is also considered to be a very famous event which allowing people to offer rice along with the wine so that deceased experience a better after life. Individuals visit cemeteries located in the region and attending the festivals provide valuable insight into the local festival.

Ramadan is a prominent Muslim festival celebrated by the users who visit the later night shops to purchase goods as per their desires and preferences. Due to a huge Chinese population in Malaysia, people also celebrate the moon festival where in people tend to eat delicious moon cakes which is considered to be a delightful pastry. There are many legends associated with the festival and makes it very special among large number of users. Many shops offer moon cakes entirely developed from jelly and continue to be very popular among a large section of the population.

Malaysia also celebrates other types of festivals like Christmas and Deepawali (Hindu festival of lights) which are also considered as very important festivals of the country. During Deepawali, people light up their homes with candles and worship different deities for material and spiritual wealth. Prayers are offered in the temples by large number of devotees.