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Lumut Valley Resort Condominium

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Situated in the lumut town of the famous pangkor islands, the condominium offers cost effective options to the travelers to stay and enjoy the trip in an easy and hassle free way. The grandeurs and luxury of the apartments in the condo has proved to be blessing for the tourists who can spend their time in optimum comfort. Due to the availability of large number of dwelling units, people can book them according to their requirements.

Various components like living and the sitting room offer tremendous opportunities to the people to stay and savor the hospitality of the place. Many important landmarks such as natural coves are located in close proximity to the condominium and offer great entertainment to the people who are interested in wild life.

The Busus forest reserve is a wonderful national park covering a large area of 75 acres and houses some of the diverse range of species into its fold. It is a sheer delight to watch the sea and engage in various types of water sports adventures to make the vacation worthwhile. People arrive at the Lumut valley to escape the heat and relax with cold breeze blowing across the region. It is important to obtain comprehensive information prior to the arrival so that tourists could reduce their expenditure and avail all the facilities to their heart content.

Lumut Jetty, one of the popular landmarks is located not far from the condo and attracts the attention of the tourists who flock to the place and watch the beauty of the nature expressed in myriad manner.  They are quite enthusiastic to participate in the local mountaineering expedition in the region due to rocky terrain and dense tropical rain forest. The migratory birds and other animals in the reserve make the trip a life time delight for the tourists. After returning from the gut wrenching trip, they can relax at the outdoor pool and the huge bar which plays soft music.

People can also watch the sunset and the sunrise at the beaches that are located in the vicinity. Apartments are endowed with a huge kitchen area offering variety of alternatives to the users in the form of microwave and other advanced equipments. They would go a long way in enabling the guests to prepare tasty dishes in an amazing style. Shops to buy the essential food items are situated near to the condo providing easy accessibility to the guest so that they can enjoy their stay.