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Editor Review

Establishment of the Marina Cove Resort in the area has been a revelation for the tourists because they are astounded by the amenities and benefits on offer. Outdoor pool is a major feature of the resort which is awash with luxury and comfort. It is located in the Pangkor Island and makes it a breeze for the people to undertake a trip to the nearby places like Teluk Rubian, considered to be a paradise for the tourists. The amazing diversity of restaurants located in the hotel bedazzles the tourists who are astounded by the wide variety of options available.

Resting near the onsite pool could bring about a refreshing change in the outlook of the travelers who look forward to the vacation with enthusiasm and renewed vigor.  Some of the food items belong to the Chinese as well as Japanese cuisine throwing wide variety of opportunities to the users in an amazing manner. There is a huge banquet hall with numerous bells and whistles to attract people who want to celebrate the events inside the resort and make the events memorable. Marian cove resort is a three star property and lives up to its expectations of quality.

Inundated with a slew of 138 rooms, the guests are ensured that they are offered the breath taking sea view and would go a long way in meeting their expectations of excellence.  Presence of the spa could be handy for the people if they are physically tired of the water sports activities available in the area.

A fabulous water park can provide respite to the family from the sultry heat of the surrounding ambience and would be critical to get the desired benefits.  Kids can enjoy the trip because they can access the roller coaster and sliders located inside the park. Majority of people are quite enthusiastic about the spectacular bar which offers entire range of alcoholic drinks and wines to the guests. They can savor the taste as per their requirements and also enjoy the tremendous services of the bar tenders.

Different types of rare cocktails are served along with snacks and have created an instant fan following among the large section of the tourists. Marin cove is loaded with variety of rooms which are a unique amalgamation of classic and contemporary architecture and provide an awesome view of the nature. Fresh air and climate controlled room are indispensable for the tourists to make the trip a huge success in recent times.