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Editor Review

The lead view hotel with 2 star rating has been the preferred abode for many tourists who are astounded by the services and range of the rooms available at the disposal. The hotel is located at the confluence of the Sitiawan town and the legendary Lumut islands which are noted for amazing scenery and larger than life landscape with lush green mountains. Staying at the hotel has been an enticing experience for people enjoying the luxury of sauna and relaxing in the super luxury ambience of the hotel.

An indoor pool with complete privacy has been the hallmark of excellence since tourists wish to lie down at the end of day near the warm waters of the pool. They can consume the varieties of food items available in the local restaurants that have been designed in a spectacular manner with huge chandeliers. Vibrant colors and lightning systems transform the atmosphere into an amazing ensemble of luxury and positivity.

There are many attributes of the hotel that are appealing to large number of customers and the roof top pool is one of them offering a 360 degree view of the surroundings. The twin bed with clean bed sheets impacts the psyche of the users because they can spend the time in a royal style with diveres luxuries at their disposal.

Many companies tend to book the rooms in bulk at lead view hotel because it is adorned with large meeting hall which can easily accommodate large number of guests. Presentation gear is offered for free to the users so that they could participate in the conference without any hiccups. Fitness freaks could access the tread mills and other devices at the local gymnasium which would help to build muscles and maintain the fitness to optimum levels.

The smoking room would help the tourists to savor their favorite brand of tobacco in cozy confines and enjoy the moment in an amazing way.  Steam room enables the guests to obtain relief from fatigue and other health issues because it operates on the principles of therapeutically designed techniques. It is known to resolve many of the medical problems and keeps the guests mentally alert while they are on the trip.

Business center with an authentic restaurant in the mix could pack a decisive punch because people can accomplish the professional tasks with ease and also afford to indulge in the adventurous activities like trekking. There are various boat rides to the adjoining islands offering unique experiences of adventure.