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Editor Review

The Tiger resort has been the recipient of different awards instituted by the Time magazine and other prestigious institutions related to lifestyle across the world. It is situated in the deep trenches of amazing forest of Pangkor islands in the country of Malaysia offering an unparalleled view of the surrounding in a wonderful manner. Dazzling array if rooms can leave the tourists awe struck because they are awash with superb services and comforts. Studio categories are the preferred alternatives for the travelers looking for luxury and comfort which would go a long way in enticing them to the above destination.

An evenly spread out swimming pool with rich vegetation all round is considered to be the hallmark of excellence because it is the source of relaxation and pleasure unlike others which are constructed in artificial surroundings.  Tiger rock is said to be the pride of Malaysia because it consists of the famous mango flambé helping the hotel staff in preparing sizzlers relishing to the palettes of the users. Pool house inside the Tiger rock resort of Pangkor Island is a venue for hosting parties and events that will make moment memorable for the users in an amazing manner.

Avid readers can walk into the library and browse through the endless section of books and select the genre as per their desires and preferences. After a reading session, they can also avail the opportunity to relax under the sun lounges offering cool  shades near the majestic swimming pool with clear water.  The prices are in excess of 150$ but they include sumptuous dinner along with the dinner and tea which are crucial to provide comfort to the users. Available in vibrant color walls the standard rooms offer a panoramic view of the surrounding ambience and enthralling the senses of the tourists.

Hotel provides different services under one roof including the thrilling tour to the pankor jetty and awesome ride on the hotel cabs to the adjoining places. It has an instant impact on the users who can enjoy the state of the art facilities and soak in the natural environment without any hiccups. People can store perishable goods in the refrigerator so that they could be preserved for a very long time. If the prospective customers are booking rooms online, it is possible to get hot deals with a significant discount and obtain impeccable results. Hill house in the pavilion is an eye opener because it provides an overview of the numerous plants and vegetations surrounding the resort.