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Editor Review

The prospect of staying in the Vikri Beach Resort would excite people because of its amazing surroundings that continue to entice them to a great extent.  Cocooned in the marvelous Pangkor islands of Malaysia, the hotel has attracted the attention of the tourists who are satisfied with the exemplary customer services.  There are different facets of the hotel that are manifested in the form of amenities for the users and would go a long way in providing top class comfort in an amazing style. It is assigned a two star rating by the experts and constructed in the lush green ambience of the island capturing vividly the imagination of people. People arrive in groups, can book one of the stellar rooms to stay and enjoy their vacation.

The Vikri beach is considered to be fabulous and one of the biggest beaches in Malaysia offering spectacular view of sea to the travelers. The guest rooms a well designed desk along with television providing satellite channels to the users so that they could watch the soap operas of their choices. Wireless internet services are available to the tourists and help them to get the best alternatives while staying and relaxing at the beach resort.  A judicious mix of water sports is offered to the guests who can open news vistas of opportunities providing thrill and adventure of the highest order. Some of the restaurants offer delectable cuisines to the people who are delighted by the different food items available which help to satiate the appetite of the users.

An immaculately designed center court is situated near the hotel and takes the shape of a crescent to provide unique appearance in an impeccable style.  Water sport is one of the major activities that continue to enthrall people compelling them to savor the hospitality of the place. The golden sand beach against the moon light night offers amazing experience to the users who are stunned by the sheer experience and other activities in which they might indulge in upon arrival.

An expedition to the nearby islands is an eye opener to the bio diversity of the pangkor islands and provides comprehensive information about the colonial life existent there in the 17th century. There are many forts and building created in the past that continue to attract tourists from all parts of the world to watch the natural landscape and delve into the comforts provided by the hotel.  Lure of the natural ambience and the promise of luxury attracts tourists and the adventure enthusiasts to arrive at the Vikri Beach Resort.